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Digital Transformation is about culture not technology - let's sit down and talk about your culture.


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4Rev is at the leading edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Digital Transformation Revolution. We are advisors. Consultants of change. IoT brokers. We are who you need to keep your business in the game of technology.

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More about us

In a world where technology has taken on a life of its own, moving the foundations of economies, of political views, and the basic fabric of social interaction, we strive to be the human bridge that connects people and business to the endless possibilities of digital transformation. We believe any transformation starts with the life blood of any company, its people and culture.

We use a holistic view of the world to be an enabler for business to harvest the benefits of technology. We translate the intricate technical lingo into simple and tangible real-world value.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

4Rev is born out of the ashes of the 18th century industrial revolution and of the new chasm of technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds that are impacting all disciplines, economies, and industries.As trusted advisers, we can become part of your team for as long or as short as you need it. We can help you achieve a successful and profitable digital transformation.

What We do


We provide a  proven framework for Strategic Thinking to guide you through your Digital Transformation so you can become the leading market disruptor in your industry. We help organizations of all sizes manage their transition through the new digital world.

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IoT is changing the world as we know it. It provides incredible opportunities for enterprises but it  is also filled with numerous land mines. Our experts can guide you and help you
maximize your success in building
your IoT business journey.

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Public speaking engagements for audiences of all sizes. This could range from a company convention, a management retreat, a sales meeting and even customer events. We provide a range of topics from digital disruption 101 to a deep dive into the 4th Industrial Revolution paradigms.

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What our clients say

  • “The 4Rev Strategic Thinking workshop was a great catalyst to inspire my team in looking at our business with new and creative insightfulness.”
    Nancy, Vice President
  • “No matter the type or size of business you have, implementing a sustainable digital transformation strategy is neither an easy task nor a simple path to follow . Working with 4Rev has helped us ask better questions to challenge our internal culture in regards to innovation and business initiatives. I personally welcome their straight forward and personalized approach.”
    Curtis, President
  • “4Rev’s approach to helping us establish our mobile strategy was a catalyst for ongoing organizational changes to enable our Digital Transformation and Innovation strategy.”
    Scott, Director
  • “Doug and his team did a great job helping us understand the importance of taking a phased approach and engaging the end user community with our project. This helped reduce the project risk, increased end user adoption and ultimately added to the success of the project.”
    John, Manager
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