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We have done presentations to groups of all sizes, demographics and backgrounds, from a small management team to a company wide presentation for 100’s of people. Whether it’s our Art of the Possible presentation that shares some of the latest examples of organizations leveraging the latest technology, to an overview of the latest in Digital Disruption and how organizations are successfully navigating the scary world of Digital Transformation.

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Frequently asked questions

Isn’t digital transformation for large companies?

On the contrary, most digital disruption starts with smaller companies and start ups, as they can be much more nimble and are more comfortable not accepting the Status Quo.  Digital Transformation has 2 sides, those that are disrupting markets and industries and those incumbents that are being disrupted. Our goal is to help all organizations build out their specific Digital Transformation Playbook, regardless of their ambitions.

Where is the best place to start our digital transformation journey?

That depends on your specific organization, however, I would recommend a good potential starting point is to solve a customer pain point. And remember a customer is not always external to your organization.  Every business unit in an organization has a customer whether another internal business unit, an external customer, or even external partners.  I would suggest getting a real solid understanding of the jobs your customers are doing when using your products or services and solve any pain points they may be dealing with.

Isn’t digital transformation about technology first and foremost?

It can be. However, in our experience companies that start their Digital Transformation Journey with new technology struggle to make their business fit into the technology that they have invested in.  As opposed to organizations that truly understand the problem their clients are trying to solve and then find the technology or technologies that best solve those problems.

How does IoT fit under the umbrella of digital transformation?

We believe too many people put The Internet of Things, IoT, in too narrow a silo.  Most people think of IoT as a sensor on your phone or a sensor on a piece of equipment.  We believe in looking at IoT as a much broader solution that can provide immense value and opportunities for transformation to most if not all business processes.

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