Digital transformation

Our Strategic Thinking Framework helps organizations of all sizes create a plan to deal with the ongoing or inevitable disruption in their industry. Whether it is reacting to disruption or creating disruption, we can help you build a Digital Playbook specific for your unique business needs. A lot of people offer to help you implement their Digital Transformation Strategy.

The same one they use with all their clients. We believe that defeats the purpose of trying to be a Disruptor.

Let’s have a chat and see if we can help you create the culture you need to disrupt whatever industry you want to set your sights on.

our 4 streams of strategic thinking


leadership vision

Leadership buy-in, direction,  guiding principles and governance.



Some of the best ideas come from those who don’t know they have them yet.


Customer journey

Focus on your clients, partners even other business units and their experiences and needs.


technical innovation

Technology enables your vision, solves your business goals and creates amazing experiences.

A Few of Our Workshops

The 4th industrial revolution is here now. In a rapidly changing world, it is critical for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of new technology, to survive and to gain a competitive edge. Companies can be on a burning platform without realizing it. 4Rev provides a proven strategy development framework to guide you through your digital transformation. Through workshops using a suite of tools, tailored to suit your specific business (rather than the same checklist applied to every customer), 4Rev will work with you to examine your business from every angle, enabling you to identify and build on core strengths and to develop a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Culture Of Innovation

Implementing a digital transformation and introducing a culture of innovation in an organization can be a big change. There’s a misconception that people don’t like change. Actually, people change areas of their lives by choice all the time – they change jobs, buy a new house, get married etc. What many people find unsettling, of course, is a change that they have not chosen. 4Rev works with organizations to develop a program to introduce change including senior management orientation, communication planning, identifying areas where visibly successful quick wins can be achieved, and developing a cadre of change managers to lead and support colleagues through the process.

The Customer Journey

When a customer buys your products or services they are really setting out to do a ‘Job’. If they are buying a drill bit, the job they are trying to accomplish it to get a hole the size of the drill bit. Once they have the hole, they put the bit away until they need another hole. If you take this one step further, they probably needed the hole to complete another job, such as attach a hook to hang something heavy on. What jobs are your customers trying to accomplish? We can help you understand your customers’ fundamental requirements and plan how you can leverage this understanding to not only add value by expanding your current product and services offering, but to find adjacent opportunity for either new products and services or new groups of customers.


While digital transformation is all about the future and staying ahead of the competition, you need to keep your current business running at peak performance. The key to successful transformation is to have the right balance of the present, the near-term future and the long-term future. By focusing on three discreet area of your business, Core, Adjacent and Transformational organizations can maximize their opportunity for success. By determining the right balance of investment in the current versus the near and long term future for your unique organization, 4Rev can help you become the disruptor in your chosen arena.

Innovation Engine

Digital Transformation and Innovation are not a destination but a never ending journey. Organizations that have Innovation baked into their culture and process are going to succeed over the long term. By creating a process of innovation that gets embedded in a companies culture, companies can always be at the leading edge of innovation and continually disrupting their competition as well as adjacent markets and industries. We can help you develop your own Innovation Engine to allow your talented people to continually feed your organization with new, exciting innovative ideas.

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